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How can you help me? Honestly, that answer is pretty simple: Donate. The more I can make off doing this, the more time I can afford to spend writing blog posts instead of toiling in a far less stimulating day job.


How can I help you?

I’ll stow the witticisms on this page and get to the point (or will I?). This is where you can find the range of professional services I offer. Presently, things are under construction, so please check back often for updated information and features.




Essay tutoring

Speech/Presentation tutoring


Beta Reading



Speech/Presentation coaching

Prices, payment plans, and additional information to come. If you would like help immediately or in the near future, please contact me and we’ll discuss your options. 

Note: Under no circumstances nor for any conceivable amount payment will I edit anything below graduate-level academic work. Not only would doing so be a form of plagiarism and unethical, but it would interfere with the learning process, and as an educator I am firmly opposed to any such actions. If you’re not sure if your work qualifies for editing (as opposed to tutoring) consider whether or not you can cite me as an editor when turning it in. If the answer is a resounding “No,” that will be my answer as well. On the bright side, tutoring is much cheaper than editing.