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What is this blog? What’s its mission? Quelle est sa raison d’être? What does it do?

“Tell me! Tell me!” you cry.

Well, the simplest answer is that this blog is devoted to words.

Perhaps that’s too simple. Let’s complicate it: This blog analyzes, unravels, ruminates on, questions, and otherwise discusses words. It delves into the perilous depths of written, spoken, sensory, cultural, explicit and implied communication.

Communication n. The expression of information from one thing to another; the two-step process of conveying or transmitting information by at least one person/thing sending the information and one or more others receiving it (note: the information need not be sent deliberately or received correctly for communication to have occurred).

In the bowels of this blog, I gleefully explore methodology, craft, fallacies, and the ideas that fuel them. With zealous fervor, I’ll look at intrapersonal (self-talk), interpersonal (Hi!), group, public, and mass-media communication. Indeed, within this very blog, I’ll pick and poke and peel the layers of words and humanity, as a writer, editor, communication specialist and person-at-large. Often the words will come in the form of pop culture and fictional works, but just as often you’ll encounter thoughts on ideas and news, and absolutely everything I can squeeze in between. And sometimes you’ll run into something that doesn’t fit at all.

When that happens I’ll hide behind my mighty shield of “Everything is communication!” thus excusing any wild hairs they may have sprouted into bloggy tangents and broken form. (For the record, thinly veiled excuses are also communication.) An example of the outliers are excerpts of my own work, artistic expressions, professional announcements, and so on.

Beyond that, I’ll look in the mirror and process myself, my habits, and how my missteps might help you. Likewise, I’ll happily offer aid and answer questions to help you do the same. And of course, my services are available outside of the blogosphere, awaiting a mere click and query away.

Welcome to Worderland, Alice.


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